Have a Cause close to your heart?

Let us assist in Fund Raising

No matter the size or type, providing the cause is "good". Some examples: 

  • any registered charity,
  • kindies, schools and sports clubs
  • hospitals, churches and community groups
  • specific events, such as Red Nose day and Dry July are all great opportunities to raise a few extra dollars

Get Approval

Don't forget to get approval from the cause or charity, some will provide you with guidelines to follow for acceptable fundraising.

Don't oversell the opportunity, unless members of the local community and the cause get involved, proceeds will be minimal.

Choose your puzzle theme.

Consider your cause, consider the market for puzzles and then decide upon a theme.  Do you have a local artist or photographer, or a specific photograph in mind?   Themes that make great puzzles include:

  • historic buildings
  • scenery, beachscapes
  • group shots (consider the hospital staff, or teaching staff)

If you do not have a specific photograph in mind we can supply a selection that have been donated for use from local photographers in Sydney and Melbourne.

PuzzleMe reserves all rights to decide if an image is suitable for puzzle creation.