3 Fabulous Fund Raising Ideas

The Class Photo

Probably the most profitable fund raiser you can do, but often it is nightmare to organise.  Here is a fun way to raise considerable funds and give the children the responsibility for the planning.  Educational and Fun!

The Art Exhibition

Children's art work is usually amazing, but the problem is there is only one piece.  A good quality colour photocopy of the art work can be made into beautiful jigsaws for relatives.  This fund raiser could be arranged by your school or you can purchase Gift Vouchers as prizes, and be rewarded.

Special Events

With enough thought and planning, a photo of, for example, the final dress rehearsal of the school play, would enable a small supply of Jigsaws to be available for opening night.  Orders could then be taken for additional copies.  (Limited delivery area applies)

The Group Photo

A Modern take on the Class Photo


Bright & Cheerful

Unique to each year group or class as each decides on  the way they wish to have their photo taken, from the setting, to the theme.   

Minimum Effort


Easy to Achieve

With minimal organisation and no need to endure expensive photographers, sittings, viewings, tears and tantrums.

A good quality phone camera or tablet will take an amazingly beautiful photo, that can be emailed to us.

Maximum Return



No wastage, you only order the number of puzzles you require.  The package also includes a "cheat sheet" for putting the puzzle together with school logo, date and a student list if required.

Kindies Schools and Clubs

Need Additional Revenue

Of Course!  There is always a need for new equipment, uniforms and oranges.

Here is a fund raiser that raises the bar, is far less intrusive on parents' time, and will be fun for the children.  End of season team photos with a twist.  Easter Egg Hunt and Hat parade.   There are any number of events that can be turned into fund raisers.  Plan ahead so that maximum revenue is guaranteed for next year.  

The No Fuss Fundraiser

Everybody has that fab photo on their phone; the kids, the pets, everybody having a great time at the beach!

Let us explain how you can raise funds with this unique new product.  Let us do all the hard work, and create a puzzle for all parents and grandparents to enjoy.

And not a sausage in sight!

Historic Buildings

Is your Church listed on a Heritage Register?  Do you have old photos of it? Need to raise  few dollars for the roof?  Let us make a gorgeous black and white or colour jigsaw to sell to your parishioners. 


As a fund raiser, you can expect to earn a minimum of $10 per jigsaw sold.  Give us a call so we can discuss timing of your fund raising event.

How it Works

Pick a Date

Fund raising works best if you have a target date to work to i.e. Mothers Day.

Organise the children to consider the style, theme and clothing for their photo.  Allow plenty of time and do consider the weather.

Take a photo!

It does not need to be professional, a mobile or tablet will be fine.  Make sure it is high res. and landscape.  Email the images to us.  We will also require a list of the children's name for each photo and how many jigsaws are required for each class/group.

Collect the Money.

An average primary school has around 300 students.  You can expect to achieve in excess of $10 per child.  Now that sure beats the sausage sizzle and cake stalls!