Promotional Ideas

Say it with a Puzzle

Your message will be more effective and more likely to be retained for reference if the customer has to solve it first!  And if magnetised, to stay on the fridge.  There are so many situations that require you to advertise.  So many flyers and cards that don't even make it to the kitchen bench.  Magnets are a proven way to ensure some longevity to your message; and even more so if the magnet is a postcard size jigsaw.

Below are just a few personal and professional opportunities to present your message more effectively.

Flowers dont last


A puzzle can become a lasting memento for various events.  More importantly, a puzzle is personal, economical and a thoughtful way to say thankyou.

Save the Date


Sure to be placed on the fridge!  Your family and friends will delight in this unique way to announce an upcoming event.  Card or magnetised, the choice is yours.

Promote Yourself!

Promote yourself.

Have you had high praise from a customer?  Don't keep it yourself, let all your potential local customers know.  Send them a magnetised reminder of the great work you do.

Change of Details


Moving, have new contact details? Let your customer's know with a handy fridge magnet with your new details.

Got a new menu?


Let your neighbourhood know about it, let us do a small run for the locals.  No order too small.