Puzzles for the Elderly


According to Dementia Australia, there are currently 425,416 Australians currently living with dementia.

Lifestyle Activities

Along with a formal program of lifestyle activities it is said that completing puzzles provides a sense of pride and accomplishment and can increase feelings of well-being and a better quality of life, including communication and interaction with those around them.

Doing a Jigsaw can have a meditative and therapeutic effect on the brain, helping to calm someone with dementia and help them to feel content.

Memory Jogging puzzles can help to rebuild cognitive skills and stimulate memories in seniors with dementia  and Alzheimer's and also stroke victims.

A4 Memory Jogging Puzzles

We are creating a range of memory jogging puzzles specifically designed to assist in recreating memories by providing "familiar" images.   Each puzzle is printed on 3mm thick  white pvc which will allow the puzzles to be wiped clean when necessary without destroying the images.

Puzzles will be A4 in size and cut into 12 very large pieces for easy handling and recognition.

We will be continually adding to our stock images as we get feedback from Lifestyle Activity staff and family as to the types of images that are the most popular.  And we welcome your suggestions.  Current puzzles are shown below.

What to Do

Puzzles are sold in bundles of 10.  The cost of each bundle is $120.00 which includes GST and delivery, Australia Wide.   The current bundle puzzles are shown below, and we will alter the bundle as we receive your feedback and suggestions.

General Resident Puzzles

We have been asked to create additional puzzles for general use in Aged Care Facilities.  So we have created a set of 6 puzzles from our general range that we feel with have appeal to older people, will still provide a challenge and yet be suitable for use in a shared facility.  This set of 6 puzzles is screenprinted onto A3 size 2mm PVC  and cut into 96 pieces.  Pieces average approximately 4 cm by 5 cm and so are easy to pickup and identify.  The PVC allows the puzzles to be wiped clean after each use.  The puzzles are shown below under the A3 section.