Puzzles for the Elderly



According to Dementia Australia, there are currently 425,416 Australians currently living with dementia.

Dementia is not a normal part of ageing.  It is a chronic, progressive and terminal disease.


Keeping the brain active with puzzles can help delay the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies show that keeping the mind active through puzzles and other problem-solving activities can reduce the amount of brain cell damage that occurs in Alzheimer's patients.  It also supports the growth of new nerve cells and strengthens the connections between them.


Lifestyle Activities


Along with a formal program of lifestyle activities it is said that completing puzzles provides a sense of pride and accomplishment and can increase feelings of well-being and a better quality of life, including communication and interaction with those around them.

Doing a Jigsaw can have a meditative and therapeutic effect on the brain, helping to calm someone with dementia and help them to feel content.

Memory Jogging puzzles can help to rebuild cognitive skills and stimulate memories in seniors with dementia  and Alzheimer's and also stroke victims.

Puzzles for the Elderly


We have created a range of memory jogging puzzles specifically designed to assist in recreating memories by providing "familiar" images.   Each puzzle is printed on 3mm thick white PVC which will allow the puzzles to be wiped clean when necessary without destroying the images.

Puzzles are created in 2 sizes and 6 cuts. 


  • A3 (420 x 297mm) and  cut into 12 (very large), 40 (medium) 96 or 252 pieces.  The cut is your choice and relates to the ability of the user.  All A3 puzzles are screenprinted on the reverse side in a different colour to enable stray pieces to find a home.
  • A4 (297 x 210 mm)  this is a smaller puzzle ideal for a short period of one on one activity, the cut is 12 or 30 pieces.

20 puzzles to choose from


Puzzles are sold in bundles.  A3 are sold in bundles of 6 or 10 and A4 puzzles are sold in bundles of 10.  For specific choice of puzzles and cut, you may download an order form below, complete and email to  studio@puzzleme.com.au  or call 0411482584   

Purchase A4 Bundles Here

Various Cuts to suit ability


From very large pieces averaging around 12 x 16 cms (12 piece cut) to the smallest 252 piece cut averaging 2x3 cm.  The most popular cut is 40 pieces


One on One time


Another one of the benefits of puzzles is that they increase our brains’ production of dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and feelings of optimism.

 It also affects memory, concentration, and motivation.